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About DeeMoney

Why do I need to pay 8% to transfer my own money?

Why do I need to show heaps of documents every time I want to transfer money?

Why do I need to spend half of my working day standing in queues to transfer money?

We wondered the same and decided to do something about it. Operating in telecoms and the tech business since 1999 and with a strong existing customer base of Thais, expats professionals, long-stay tourists and overseas foreign workers in Thailand, we were in the perfect position to bring the change we wanted to see.

In 2017, SawasdeeShop was awarded the Non-Bank International Money Remittance Service License, Money-Exchange License and the E-Payment License by the Bank of Thailand. In July 2018, DeeMoney was officially launched – disrupting the market with our industry-first flat fee and mobile app. A new era of digital international money transfer in and out of Thailand was born.

In today’s world, we believe that sending money internationally has to be pain-less for customers in every way: from the fees and costs associated, right to the amount of time spent making the transaction. That’s our DeeMoney commitment.



Lowest Rates Guaranteed

International bank transfers typically involve several intermediary steps and lack of transparency, affecting the rate you should be getting. We’re cutting that out, so what you see really is what you get.


Industry-First Flat Fee

Introducing the industry-first flat fee, so you don’t have to do the math. Transfer fees are capped at THB 150* so your receiver gets the exact amount you intended to send, and no further deductions.

*Note: The transfer fees to Myanmar and China are THB 0 and THB 300, respectively.


Go Bank-Free

We make it so easy for you to sign up we’ll even come to you. One-document, one-time sign up. From there, you’ll be set with our mobile app so you never have to queue in line at the bank ever again.

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Because we all have better things to do than wait at the bank.

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