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Note: Sender pays amount + 300 THB transfer fee. 7% VAT applies.

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Payment Mode

China UnionPay Bank Card Transfer

Type of Payment


Disbursement Currency

Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Payout Limits
/ Transaction

30,000 CNY

Maximum Transaction Limits
/ Day

800,000 THB


300 THB

Approximate time taken for payment

1 working day

Account Format

UnionPay Card (no. starting with 6 or 9) must be eligible for receiving international remittance transactions. Receiver must be a Chinese national.

Participating Bank

  • Bank Of China 

  • Bank Of Communications 

  • China Construction Bank 

  • China Everbright Bank 

  • Regional Bank
  • Bank Of Jiangsu 

  • Bank Of Jiujiang 

  • Bank Of Shanghai 

  • Bank Of Shaoxing Co.,Ltd 

  • Bank Of Yingkou 

  • Baotou Commercial Bank 

  • Changchun Development Rural Commercial Bank 

  • Chongqing Wulong Rongxing Rural Bank 

  • Chongqing Youyang Rongxing Rural Bank 

  • Fujian Rural Credit Union 

  • Gaoyao Rural Credit Union 

  • Guangdong Rural Credit Bank 

  • Guang Xi Nong Cun Xin Yong Lian He She 

  • Guixi Jiuyin County Bank Corporation Limited 

  • Gujiao Huize Village Bank 

  • Haikou Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd 

  • Hantai Village Bank 

  • Harbin City Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd. 

  • Harbin Bank Limited Company 

  • Henan Rural Credit Cooperative 

  • Hohhot City Commercial Bank 

  • Honghu Rongxing Rural Bank 

  • Hu Nan Rural Commercial Bank 

  • Jiangxi Shangli Fumin Rural Back Co.Ltd. 

  • Jiashan United Rural Bank 

  • Jinggangshan Jiu Yin Villages And Small Bank Co.,Ltd 

  • Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd(Credit Card) 

  • Lanzhou Bank 

  • Leiyang Rongxing Rural Bank 

  • Liaoning Rural Credit Cooperatives 

  • Linfen City Commercial Bank 

  • Citic Bank

  • Huaxia Bank Co.,Ltd

  • Insdustrial And Commercial Bank Of China
  • Ping An Bank Company Ltd
  • Linyi Commercial Bank

  • Liulin Huize Village Bank
  • Longjiang Bank

  • Nanhai Rural Credit Union
  • Nanjing Liuhe Jiuyin County Bank Corporation Limited
  • Omnipay Inc.

  • Otog Huize Village Bank

  • Pengshan Zhujiang Rural Bank

  • Pingchnag Noke Rural Bank

  • Qiao Chen Hushang Rural Bank

  • Qilu Bank

  • Qinghai Rural Credit Union

  • Shaanxi Qinnong Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd
  • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

  • Sichuan Tianfu Bank Co.,Ltd

  • Suining Anju Rongxing Rural Bank

  • Tangxian Huize Village Bank

  • Woori Bank (China) Limited

  • Wuhua Huimin Village Bank Co.,Ltd

  • Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank

  • Xiangshan Credit Union

  • Xinghe Huize Village Bank

  • Xingxian Huize Village Bank

  • Xiushui Jiuyin County Bank Corporation Limited
  • Yellow River Rural Commercial Bank

  • Yingcheng Rongxing Rural Bank

  • Yunan Huimin Village Bank

  • Zhejiang Rural Credit Union

  • Zhenglanqi Huize Village Bank

  • Zhongyuanbank

  • Zhuhai Hengqin Village Bank